Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reflecting on the News Years Conference

One of the hidden blessings of my job is a long and restful Christmas break. I am back in Chapel Hill now after being in New York, Pennsylvania twice, Texas and Georgia. The students will be ariving here in a couple days and I am asking the Lord to refuel and ready me for another semester of labor. Most of our staff team will not be on campus due to lack of support. Please be in prayer for them as they try to believe the Gospel and trust God during this season. We believe that God is in control and is soveriegn over the economy and the hearts of our supporters. It is his Fatherly responsibility to provide for his children and we believe he will do so in his timing. Our responsibility is to trust him and have faith in his promises.

I really enjoyed the New Years Conference in Atlanta. God really moved in powerful ways while we were there. The key-note speaker was a guy named Bart Garrett. He is the head pastor of Christ Church Berkeley in San Fransisco, CA. I was able to get some one on one time with him and am looking forward to staying in touch. He has a heart for planting churches in influential cities across the country as i do. Three students became Christians and many moved forward in their relationships with God while we were there. Our flag football team lost in the chapionship game for the second year in a row but we had a blast competing and enjoying the day. Please continue praying for the non-Chrstians who made the trip with us.

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