Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Backpacking = Freezing

I went backpacking for the first time a couple weeks ago. Big mistake. It was soooooo cold. We picked a bad weekend. It was fun though.

We went to the Pisgah National Forest outside of Asheville, NC. This a picture of Daniel (my boss), Nathan (one of our student leaders), me and Will (a new Christian) on a mountain peak. We backpacked over 13 miles in two days. That basically means we walked around the woods all day with forty extra pounds on our backs. The first night we made camp on a sheet of ice. Not a good desision. I slept about 12 minutes. The second night was better. I learned some tricks from the other guys like putting my pack under my legs and stuffing my sleeping bag with clothes.

It was an adventure and I had a lot of fun but I will never go in the winter again.

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